Aug 18, 2010

QOTD 18/08/10

aiConnect these people...identify all of them....(7 points).

Ans: They are all whistleblowers, who have been portrayed on screen(ie. the movies)
1st pic is of Frank Serpico (portrayed in the movie 'Serpico' by Al Pacino)
2nd pic is of Jeffrey Wigand (in the movie 'The Insider' by Russel Crowe)
3rd pic is of Erin Brockovich (in the movie 'Erin Brockovich' by Julia Roberts)
4th pic is of Mark W. Felt "Deep Throat" (in the movie 'All The President's Men' by Hal Holbrook)
5th pic is Karen Silkwood (in the movie 'Silkwood' by Meryl Streep)
6th pic if of Mark Whitacre (in the movie 'The Informant' by Matt Damon)

ps: I thought Matt Damon should have been the greatest clue to the entire question. It should have been reasonably easy to work backwards from Matt Damon.

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