Sep 1, 2010

QOTD 02/09/10

Q.Connect the pics... Its rather school quiz type I suppose..(with all due respect to those supremely awesome school quizzers).

QOTD 01/09/10

Explain the connect and the reason why they are different from the others....(2 points)

Winner of Sept 2010

A new month of quizzing awaits us all...

Meanwhile, the leaderboard of August 2010:

1. Useless [10]
2. Patriot [9]
3. Nith [4]
4. Raaval [4]
5. JT26 [3]
6. Sadu [3]
7. Technomaniac [2]
8. Nidhun [2]
9. Preetish [1]
10. Nightwing [1]

11. Rijo P.J [1]
12. Neel [1]

Useless,is the winner of the month. Special mention to Patriot.

Happy Quizzing

Aug 30, 2010

QOTD 31/08/10

Last question for the month...a sitter..

In April 1996, several newspapers published articles with excerpts like these:
“Gates gets credit but someone else did the real work”.
“Whatever the problem is, calling Microsoft Tech Support will be futile.”
“Like previous products, this one can’t get by without a lot of third-part support.”
“After years, something from Microsoft has shipped on time.”
“For at least one more year, it’s bound to suck.”

What were they talking about?