Harvest Festivals Special Quiz

Today is Chingam 1st (malayalam calender), the month of Onam is here. So a set of questions on Harvest Festivals from around the world.

1.Connect the following image to a very popular harvest festival. (give proper explaination)

2. Identify this folk character, who is becoming a rare sight these days.

3. Identify this unique dance, and the country where this is a practice...

4.Connect the following images and connect to the theme....

5.Why wud this image make it to a quiz on this theme...?

6.November 25,November 27 2010....Explain significance.

7.Name the festival...sept 23,2010
8.This festival comes in the month of Thai. In this festival, cattle are honoured, they are set free on this day,with youngsters hanging onto their backs/humps, to have  a sort of a race.The womenfolk feed birds and pray for their brothers, hoping that this ritual will strengthen their ties. Other rituals also exist where Land lords give gifts to their workers,etc..

Which festival are we talking about...explain..

9.This festival features a month long weaving contest, at the end of which on the festival day, the winner team gets a feast from the losing team.In some areas, the harvest festival is even postponed in case of a late/no harvest.Which festival are we talking about?

10.Connect the following images to a very auspicious and important festival which is considered important from the north to south of India

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