Aug 17, 2010

QOTD 17/08/10

 Connect these images and explain the context in which these images are connected.(1 point for connect)

 Ans: The images are Willie the Lion, Mascot of FIFA WC 1966, The Wembley Stadium, Venue of the final. The person is Harry Enfield and the comic strip is Pickles, created by Brian Crane(btw, whose name was given at the bottom of the strip. All comic strips have the name of the creator/artist and the agency its syndicated to). Harry Enfield gave his voice to Pickles in a 2006 ITV feature "Pickles:The Dog Who Won The World Cup".

The Connect: Pickles the Dog who retrieved the lost Jules Rimet trophy.

ps: I guess the question turned out to be tougher than I thought, the Mascot and the venue were meant to signify the WC final after which the winner gets the trophy. I thought the most obvious clue , Brian Crane's name after the bottom of the strip, which upon mere googling would give 'pickles' WC+ Pickles=Pickles the dog.

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