Jul 11, 2010

QOTD 11/7/2010

Q.ID and Connect the images(the movies).Also connect the people.Together they managed something unique.And the guy in the 'middle' (Do not take me literally,but I do not use words for no reason..every single thing as they say,has a purpose.. :D ) had the most to do with it,earning him special glory .EXplain....[5 points]

ANS: The simple connect is that All the three are John Huston movies-(clockwise from top) 
       pic2- Moulin Rouge
       pic3- Prizzi's Honour
    The rest of the connect-the people connect and unique achievements part- is quite long.
      The first pic is a shot of John Huston's father,Walter Huston in the movie,and Anjelica Huston , his           daughter played Maerose Prizzi in the movie Prizzi's honour.They both won academy awards for their perfomances.John huston won the academy award for best director for the movie Moulin Rouge.Thus they became the first family to have three generations of Academy Award winners.John Huston has the unique distinction of directing both his father and daughter in Oscar-winning performances.

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