Jul 2, 2010

QOTD 02/07/2010 (World Cup Quiz -14)

Connect the following three images to one of two people whose common act still gives sleepless nights to their national side's maniacal fan-following!

(I need both the person and the incident to be mentioned)

ANS : Stuart Pearce, current coach of the England Under-21s

Pic 1 is a famous still from the Alfred Hitchcock thriller 'Psycho'. 'Psycho' was the nickname given to him by his England team-mates!

Pic 2 is the jersey of the Manchester City Football Club, which he served as player and even manager before being sacked and then hired as England's Under 21 coach

Pic 3 is Chris Waddle, former England international who played as an attacking midfielder

The Connect was that both Chris Waddle and Stuart Pearce missed penalties against Germany in penalty shoot-out loss in the World Cup of 1990. This was England's first penalty shoot-out in major international competitions, and they have gone on to lose every single shoot-out they've participated in since!

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