May 30, 2010

QOTD (79) 30/5/2010 [World Cup Countdown-3]

The picture shows a famous World Cup legend, on his way to create a rather unique record at the World Cups, a record he shares with a certain German super-striker. Name the player in the picture, the German striker as well as the record

(3 Points) [Click to enlarge image]

[Clues to what the record is right there in the picture!!]

Ans. Tomas Skuhravy, the legendary Czhechoslovakian striker, who scored 5 goals in the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Here he is scoring one of his 3 headed goals in an all header-hattrick in the same World Cup against Costa Rica. The only other instance of an all header hattrick occured in 2002... Miroslav Klose against Saudi Arabia

An ode to those missiles in the air: Skuhravy, Borghetti, Makaay, Vieri, Klose and Crespo...

Here's a for instance, from the master, Jared 'The Desert Fox' Borghetti

Cracked by Vindicated, Psi and GT

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