May 25, 2010

QOTD (74) 25/5/2010

ID and connect the 3 images in the composite picture (4 Points)

[Click to enlarge image] [Clue: The connect is a 7-letter keyword]


Pic 1 shows the Pioneer Effect, the observed deviation from predicted trajectories and velocities of various unmanned spacecraft visiting the outer Solar System, notably the Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 (blanked out in the image shown)

Pic 2 is Chandan Mitra (famous as BJP Spokesperson in CNN-IBN)
He is also Chief Editor and MD of 'The Pioneer', a medium sized English Newspaper in India

Pic 3 is Rudyard Kipling. He (in his early 20s) , had worked at 'The Pioneer's Allahabad Office as an Assistand Editor from November 1887 to March 1889

Tough one i guess. Cracked only by Patriot. Chandan Mitra identified by both Useless and Lakshman

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