May 25, 2010

QOTD (75) 26/5/2010 [World Cup Countdown-1]

The first of our World Cup Countdown QOTDs!!

Cryptic Connect (sitter to start off!!)

Name the 2 footballers. A 3rd player is missing from the list. ID him and also connect the 3 of them

[Clue: Magical!!] [4 Points]

Ans. The images are that of Bruno Giordano and Brazilian legend Antonio de Oliveira Filho a.k.a Careca

The missing person is of course Diego Maradona

Together the 3 of them formed the Ma-Gi-Ca striking line of Seria A Club SSC Napoli in late 1980s

[Ma-Maradona, Gi-Giordano, Ca-Careca]

Cracked by JT26, Rohit Nair, Joseph Praful, Psi and Patriot

Salut for the great Maradona!!
(Many more Maradona Questions to follow!!)

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