May 18, 2010

QOTD 19/5/2010

Connect the pictures in the composite image. Explain the connection. Id the gentleman in the bottom right hand image for full points
(2 Points)

[Click on image for enlarged view]

Ans. The connect is The Sahara India Parivar

(Pics, from top left clockwise): Logo of the Sahara Pune Warriors, the IPL Team owned by the Sahara Group; Poster of the movie EMI- Liya He to Chukana Padega, released in 2008, financed and distributed by Sahara Motion Pictures; The man shown next to Mother Teresa is of course, Subrata Roy the Managing 'Worker' of the group and the last pic is the logo of the channel Filmy, owned by Sahara One Entertainment

Correct Answers from Manish, Useless, Patriot, Ravikrishnan and Psi

From now on the practice of not publishing the comments undergoes a revamp. After the deadline for each answer, the Quizzers who answered correctly will be mentioned in the thread and their answers will be published (Mind you, only the correct answers will be published)
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