May 31, 2010

Monthly Toppers (May 2010)

Our Monthly Topper for May 2010 is...(Drumrolls!!!!)....Patriot!! Yet again!

Useless finishes on 2nd spot and Psi makes it to N0.3 in his first month itself....Congratulations!!

And to the rest of the pack good work, but I think its time you guys bucked up and upset the status quo a bit in June...

The Leaderboard finishes thus for the month:

1.Patriot [61.5]
2.Useless [52.5]
3.Psi [32]
4.JT26 [30.5]
5.Ravikrishnan [21]
6.Joseph Praful [11]
7.Vindicated [10]
8.Lakshman [9]
9.Neel [7]
10.Preetish [4]
10.Rohit Nair [4]
12.GT [3]
13.Binny V.A [2]
13.Manish [2]
15.Himanshu [1]
15.Deepu [1]

Note : The World Cup Countdown QOTDs Leaderboard will be maintained upto the end of WC 2010, as QOTDs on the beautiful game will be put up on alternate days till den...Lets see who emerges as the Soccer Guru!!

Keep up the good work guys!!


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