May 3, 2010

May Day Special Quiz on Communism, Marxism and other related political philosophies

A Special Quiz on a not-so-popular topic. The Quiz will be open till 7th May 00 00 hrs. So rack your brains till then!!

1. ID the famous communist leader (1 Point)

Ans. Nikita Krushchev, the Russian premeir during the Cold War

2. Who is the person blanked out in the image? Which famous co-operative organisation did he help found?This is one of the most iconic images in Indian Political History-What is the funda behind this image ? (3 Points)

Ans. A.K Gopalan
He was instrumental in the setting up of the Indian Coffee House Co-operative Society

The photo is of the 'Navaratnas' or the first ever Politburo of the CPIM
The members were: P.Sundarayya (General Secretary), E.M.S Namboodaripad, A.K Gopalan, M.Basavapunniah, B.T Ranavide, Jyoti Basu, Harkishan Singh Surjeet, P.Ramamurthi and Pramode Dasgupta

3. Connect the images to a famous political personality. Explain the connection(s) (1 Point)

Ans. Brinda Karat (She was originally an Air Hostess with Air India, she is involved in a public war of words with Baba Ramdev, she acted in 'Amu' and Prannoy Roy of NDTV is her brother-in-law)

4. ID the personality? Which famous political manuscript did he co-author? (2 Points)

Ans. Freidrich Engels

He co-authored the Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx

5. Z is the name of a village and a region in the northern part of West Bengal. It comes under the jurisdiction of Darjeeling district with its sub-divisional headquarters at Siliguri. Something very famous happened here in the late 1960s that has lead the village's name to become synonymous with a term that is commonly in the news. What term (derived from the village name)?
(1 Point)

Ans. Naxalpuri, from which 'Naxalism' and 'Naxalite' was derived

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