Mar 30, 2010

QOTD 30/03/2010

Y was invented by a 19th century Missouri undertaker named X. Shorted after the telephone was invented , when someone died ,one of the survivors would call the town operator and say " Please connect me to an undertaker ." Unfortunately for X there were two undertakers in the town , and the others wife was the town telephone operator. He quickly saw that either he was going to have to invent Y or he was going out of business . He chose the first option . For nearly 100 years , the Z used worldwide was known as the X gear. ( History does not record if the now unemployed town operator got a job ).
This is a picture of X.

X is Almon B Strowger .
Y is the Automatic Telephone Switching Equipment .
The Circuit Switching Equipment was known as Strowger Gear.
My source was "Computer Networks " by Andrew S Tanenbaum ( fourth edition , Pg 148 )

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